We are a full service shop and we pride ourselves on our meticulous service whether it’s an old Schwinn cruiser or a full carbon race rig.

Check Up


A basic service for bikes that are in good condition. Includes adjustment of shifting and brakes, as well as light wheel truing, tire inflation, a light cleaning, and a safety inspection.

If the bike has parts that need to be replaced, your best value is to move up to the tuneup.

Deluxe Tune Up


A comprehensive service. Includes a full drivetrain cleaning; removal of chainrings, chain, derailleurs and gears. Then we clean them in our non toxic parts washer. We reinstall, and give the bike a full tune up including wheel truing, adjustment of all bearings, brakes and shifting. The real value of this service is that it includes installation of all parts including brake pads, chain, cassette or freewheel, bottom bracket, handlebar tape/grips, and cables.

All parts additional.

Complete Overhaul


Complete disassembly of the bike down to the frame. Thorough cleaning of all components. Overhaul of hubs, bottom bracket, and headset with fresh grease and bearings, followed by a full tuneup. This is the best way to make your bike like new. In our wet environment, this is recommended at least every two years.

All parts additional

Suspension Service


Our Service Manager and ace suspension tech Archie, loves to work on suspension. Whether a simple shock seal replacement ($40), or a full fluid change on a fork ($60), we’ve got you covered. We are a Fox and Rock Shox dealer, and can service most other major brands.

All parts (except fluid) additional.

Custom Wheels

$50 per wheel plus parts

We love building custom wheels! Choose rims from Mavic, DT Swiss, Velocity, H+ Son, Sun, Alex or Velo Orange and hubs from industry leaders like Shimano, Chris King, White Industries, Paul, Schmidt, All-City and many more. Drop us a line and we are happy to get you a quote for your dream wheels.

All hand built wheels include lifetime truing.

Collision Estimate


We have many customers who have run afoul of motorists (or sometimes other cyclists or even pedestrians) and their bike is the worse for it. A collision estimate includes a thorough inspection of the bike and it’s components resulting in a printed list of damages and an estimate of repair costs for insurance purposes. If you choose to have us repair the bike we will apply the fee to any labor costs.

Box Bike For Shipping (Or Unbox Shipped Bike)


Partial disassembly and packaging of a complete bike to fit in a standard bike box for shipping or travel. Box and packing material included. This is also the rate to reassemble your bike after you ship it home from that awesome vacation. However, if your bike needs a little love, you’re better off paying $85 for a tuneup.

We don’t ship bikes, but you can arrange to have it shipped through our friends at and FedEx can pick it up at our shop.

Build New Bike Out of the Box


This covers a pro build for a brand new bike that has not been previously assembled. That bike you bought online that’s “90 percent assembled”? We disassemble it and then put it back together properly, including truing and tensioning the wheels, pulling and greasing the bottom bracket, adjusting the hubs and insuring it shifts and brakes like a new bike should. We can also give you fit advice if you desire.

Tubeless Tire Setup

$25 per wheel.

Includes taping of the rim, installation of sealant, and labor to insure proper seating of tire bead. We generally like to keep the wheel(s) overnight to verify the tire is properly sealed and holding pressure.

All parts additional.