Oakridge Oregon is about 2.5 hours south east of Portland Oregon.  Settled in 1888, it was initially settled as a lumber and railroad town. With the decline in the lumber industry, Oakridge has regained its economy with outdoor enthusiasts. Fishing, hiking, boating, and mountain biking are all very popular in the area.

The mountain biking is what draws us to the area. The trails are great natural, non machine made enduro/cross country trails with a ton of descent. Most riders shuttle to the top. The mountains are very steep and the trails are long or short, depending on which one you chose. There are trails all along the highway that leads to Oakridge (Highway 58).  Eugene is to the West, and Bend is to the East. Larison Rock, and Dead Mountain are great trails. There are a ton others too. 

For shuttling we have had great experience with Cog Wild Shuttle Company. Most shuttles pick up at Oakridge Mercantile Bike Shop. You can prebook most shuttles on their website, which is recommended during the busy summer months. 

The most famous trail and shuttle is Alpine trail.  The trail descends along the Alpine Ridge just outside of Oakridge into a town called West Fir. Alpine also has another connecting trail called Clover Trail which descends along Tire Mountain, next to Alpine Ridge. The trail starts in lush cascade forests, rolls through meadows, descends along steep basalt exposed hillsides.

If you are looking to camp, we recommend Salmon Creek Falls Campground. Its about 5 miles out of town, and the surroundings are gorgeous. Here is a pic of Salmon Creek right behind the camp spots.

If you are looking for something a bit less rustic, we recommend Jasper Lodge AirBB, located right in old town. . Jasper Lodge is great for families or a bunch of friends. We have stayed here multiple times. It is very clean, nice, and decorated with beautiful art. Each room has its own theme. We have brochures at the shop if you are interested.

For food, the local brewery, Brewers Union Local 180, has awesome food and English Cask beer. We also like Lee’s Gourmet Garden Chinese Cuisine. Chef Lee does it up right. There is also Rays Grocery store, which has a decent beer selection.

If descending is not what you are looking for, we recommend a Waldo Lake Trail. Located about 30 miles east of Oakridge it’s a beautiful caldera lake located at the top of the Cascades. Here is a pic of the trail. Early summer mosquitoes can be really bad. Late summer is perfect.

Thanks for reading, now go out and shread.