We believe bikes are instruments of freedom and adventure. They offer the opportunity to liberate us from our workaday drudgery and literally transport us to a higher plane of existence. Whether it’s your daily commute, your lifelong dream vacation, or somewhere in between, a bike can take you there swiftly, silently and pleasantly. And that’s where we come in. If you already have a bike, we are here to keep it in top working order, lest your adventure become neither swift nor pleasant. Need a bike, or have one that’s not appropriate to your needs? Let us help you find one. We are happy to offer advice, whether it’s where to find the best singletrack, proper bikepacking setup, or help with a project, stop on by.


Brad Parker

Expertise: Dad Jokes

Certification: UBI Certified Mechanic

Brad came to Portland after Utah wasn’t big enough to hold him. He abandoned a low paid and stressful career in the restaurant world in favor of a low paid and less stressful career in the bike industry and hasn’t looked back. We started paying him in 2009. A sojourn on the Oregon Outback rekindled his love of camping and all things outdoors. In his spare time he likes to wrangle cats and get dirty, whether on the trail or in his back yard. He particularly likes mountain biking with his friends.


Archie Wann

Expertise: Slays trails and beers

Certification: Doesn't believe in certifications, but he loves dogs

Archie left his home state of Georgia because it didn’t have enough conservative Christians. After stints in Las Vegas Nevada, and Oakland California, he thinks he may have found a place with the correct mix of tasty beer, prime singletrack, and sweet Jesus to suit him. In addition to bikes, he enjoys beard maintenance and rock music. HATES MORRISSEY

Eli Horowitz

Expertise: Friendly bike know it all

Certification: 3 years shop experience.

Eli was born and raised on the East Coast outside of Boston. He lived in Colorado for a few years before moving to Portland. Eli is great at epic Instagram posts and sick curb jumps. Eli always greets with a smile and makes sure everyone is happy. He is also single.

Jared Gruter

Expertise: hammers

Certification: Learning the trade

Jared was the neighborhood kid who came in the bike shop every day. We asked him to join our race team, and then to work for us. Jared has a great personality and will go above and beyond to make customers happy.


James Buckroyd

Expertise: Road Bikes, High End Hubs.

Certification: Chamberlain of the Queens Tea Snuffing Society. On Her Royal Majesty's Cycling Team.

James loves beans, Morrissey, and K Pop. He is originally from Leeds, England. He is now an Oregonian who loves epic rides. Gravel and climbing are his jam. James is also a designer by trade, and is very good at it.