Rites (and new bikes) of Spring

Lots of new stuff here at the ‘ol Metropolis. We’ve got new bikes, new employees, new stuff. Don’t worry, we still have all your old favorites. Brad is now officially co-owner (you can tell because his Dorian Grey-like brown hair is finally turning silver) and Archie is still holding down the service department, but Chad (AKA Chadford, AKA Choodles) who came on last spring has moved on to greener (and presumably more lucrative) pastures. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any one person to fill his shoes, so instead we added three.

Eli is our primary seasonal hire. He’s a recent Portland transplant and extremely enthusiastic Bike Farm volunteer. He’ll be holding things down on the weekends.

Getting fresh and clean in the parts washer.


JBucky1 (AKA James) is filling in here and there, mostly in the evenings and on Saturday. He loves crushing the gravel roads of the Columbia Gorge and talking about all manner of bike stuff.

Like a deer in the headlights.

Jared (AKA Gerald) has a real job, but wants to work in a bike shop nonetheless. He loves racing cross, demoing mountain bikes, and talking about digital printing technology. You won’t see him much, but he’ll be helping out on Sundays.

Short tracking it.


That’s it for personnel. On the bike front, we have several new models from Surly, who’s pumping out new bike models like some sort of alien insect queen.

The Midnight Special came out a while ago, but it’s still an exciting new model.

We also just received the two newest models from Surly this week.

The Lowside is a reimagining of Surly’s very first frame, the 1X1 Rat Ride . It’s mission is pure fun.


The Bridge Club is their newest all road touring model, designed and specced to be a more affordable alternative to the Troll and the ECR.



Finally, we’re carrying a full line of lubes and cleaners from Muc Off. They make really great cleaning products for your whole bike.

Ooh, shiny.