Breadwinner Grand Opening

Last Saturday saw the Grand Opening celebration for our newest neighbors, the good folks at Breadwinner Cycles and the new Breadwinner Cafe. After several years building frames in their garages, framebuilding duo Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan stepped up their game and moved across the street from us into the space recently occupied by Koerner Camera. In addition to a cool frame building shop (shared with Metrofiets, builders of fine cargo bikes) they added a cafe.

The new Breadwinner Cafe. The window on the left offers a view of the frame shop.

Their intent is for the new space to serve as a hub for Portland riders to meet up before and after rides, have a cup of coffee and something to eat, maybe watch a little UCI cyclocross on tv. I personally missed the first part of the festivities, which included a brazing demo and a tour that showed how the different parts of the shop operated, but I did make it in time to participate in the group ride, rolling out at 1 pm.

The crew rolling north in Williams

It was a sizable group, 40 to 50 riders at my estimation, led by Ira with Tony bringing up the rear to sweep up any stragglers. The route was a venerable one, a flat loop around the peninsula that comprises North Portland. We headed up Williams, then West on Ainsworth before traversing Willamette Boulevard and the Skidmore Bluffs. After St Johns, we connected with Marine Drive and swung back through Kenton to the start.

Afterward, there was chili, beer and camaraderie amidst the lathes, mills and tools of the frame shop.

The frame shop. The cafe is behind the wall to the right.


Bike nerds love beer and food, especially if it’s free.


A pair of Breadwinner bicycles, including the personal race bike of Breadwinner mechanic and cx champion Josh Kelley.


Completed frames awaiting assembly, with a view into the cafe beyond.


Breadwinner’s limited edition G-Road gravel bike.

If you want to visit, the Cafe is open seven days a week, Monday through Friday from 7 til 6, and weekends from 8 until 4. For more information about Breadwinner bikes, or to visit the shop, drop them a line.