Exciting News

Hey all,
This hasn’t exactly been a secret, but at the same time we haven’t been publicizing it too widely. However, once the landlord put up a giant ‘FOR LEASE’ sign, we figured it was time to address it more formally.20161107_112840_1478549820795_resized

We’re moving! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving the neighborhood, and you’ll still be able to find us. We are relocating across Page Street, about 100 feet North to 2323 N Williams Avenue.

Our soon to be new home.

You can still expect great bike service as well as parts, accessories, new bikes and a new addition, BEVERAGES! ‘Hmm, intriguing,” you say, stroking your chin whiskers with a thoughtful air. “when you say ‘beverages’, what EXACTLY do you mean?” Well, I mean beer of course. But also probably cider, wine, kombucha, coffee, and artfully curated awesome soft drinks. We’ll see. It’s all a work in progress. All I know for sure is that it involves an OLCC administered cavity search.

20161107_112854_1478551395004_resized“Well, what’s the timeline?” you ask, increasingly indignant. “How long will you be closed?” Now that’s a VERY good question. We’re still waiting for the current tenants to move out, at which time we’ll have to complete a remodel before we can serve you. Hopefully, we’ll make the initial move sometime in January and get the bike shop open after only being closed for a day or two, then have the tavern area open for Spring. We’ll keep you posted.